Volunteer Management

For associations that focus primarily on Volunteer postings, Exware offers a full service solution that include standard member management along with robust volunteer/job board module.
The volunteer board allows organizations to post and manage their volunteer opportunities.
Volunteers coming to the site can search for opportunities based on any criteria and refine their search until they find something they are interested in.
Once volunteers find something they want to apply for they can easily create a profile which will keep track of all the things they have applied for.
Organizations will be notified when they receive applications for their opportunities and be able to view a report of all applicants by opportunity 
  • volunteer opportunities
    • comes with basic fields like "deadline" and "description" 
    • opportunities become archived after deadline passes 
  • organization profiles
    • organizations create their own profiles to be added to organization/member directory
    • organizations ability to add posts is based on their membership standing 
  • volunteer pool
    • volunteer's create their own profiles to be added to searchable directory
  • directory is available to organizations only
The system is full service, from start to launch.  It is also used for companies that market Job Board Solutions.  Bi-lingual version is available.
The system is a licensed outright solution with no restrictions on the number of members, volunteers, volunteer postings, admins, etc.
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