Association & Member Management Solutions

View Association PackagesExware specializes in affordable, high-functionality web solutions for associations and non-profits. Exware offers three different packages depending on the association's specific needs.

The Exware AMS streamlines and centralizes an association's web-based activities, such as:

  • website management / content management
  • member management
  • member directories
  • event management
  • e-commerce
  • reporting
  • email communications (CASL-smart features now available)
  • social networking 
Key Components include:

Membership Management

With the Exware system, organizations can accept memberships online with e-commerce payments made directly to their bank account. 

New members are automatically posted to a New Member listing and added to an online Member Directory.

An integrated email system makes the membership renewal process quick and easy:

  • Expiration of your membership is automatic, based on your organization's renewal schedule.
  • As members apply or renew, an automatic email confirmation is sent.
  • The system automatically enables and disables website logins as members register and expire.
  • A history log of membership status and renewal dates is available to view online or export to Excel at anytime.

Associations can accept website content contributions from logged-in members, such as forum postings, events, photos, and more.

The system gives members the ability to manage their own profiles, photos, and contact information while administrators can view hidden fields that include information on the member's status, renewal history, email and forum preferences, event purchases, etc.  

Members can subscribe to daily or weekly email digests that feature recent association news and forum postings that "pull" members back to your site.

Event Management

AMS.jpgQuickly post new events to a dynamic event calendar. 

Accept on-line registrations for events of any size, from small meetings to international conferences.  Accept multiple registration types, with different fees.  Allows for early-bird and late registrations.  Accept group registrations.  Manage overflow registrations and wait lists. 

Accept e-commerce payments, or use a variety of other payment management methods.  Run sub-events (such as banquets or tours) and sell merchandise or other perks as part of the registration process. 

Communicate with your registrants with automated and custom email blasts.  View financial reports, and manage off-line payments.

Online Donations

Process online donations quickly, easily, and securely using your organization's merchant account.

This module allows for one-time giving or re-occurring donations, such as monthly. Administrator's can view or print  real-timefinancial reports and all data can be exported to Excel.


Create electronic newsletters and email them to your membership or newsletter subscribers. The newsletters is posted on your website with automatic archiving based on your specifications.

Social Networking Widgets & Tools

socialnetwork.jpgThe Exware AMS gives associations the ability to incorporate various widgets on its websites. Examples include:
  • Facebook like badges
  • Facebook feeds
  • Twitter Followers & Feeds
  • Social Media logos & links
In addition, What's New and Event postings to your website can be post automatically to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Member Networking & Community Content

Ease your content management load by soliciting content from your members.  They can share opinions in forums, comment on blog and news articles, add their own events to the event calendar, manage their own profiles, share photos, participate in surveys and polls, and even create their own special sites for their own chapters, events, or clubs.

For Canadian Associations -- The Exware AMS incorporates 'CASL-smart' features.

In response to Canada's tough new Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) that came into effect July 1, 2014, Exware has implemented the following features:

  • All emails sent from the system have an 'unsubscribe' link (as they always have) but it now includes the organization's contact info (CASL requirement). The text point size has been increased.
  • Member Profiles have an unsubscribe setting that the member and admins can edit (as it did in the past).
  • The Email Distribution module is 'CASL-smart' and will only send to people in the recipient list that meet CASL guidelines. The system will show admins a sent log of who it went to and who it didn't go to due to CASL and/or unsubscribes.
  • The Email Distribution module has a new tab (Subscribe) that allows admins to quickly subscribe/unsubscribe members and non-members. This automatically updates the member's 'I consent to receive communications' field.
  • Admins will be able to bypass the 'CASL-smart' tool by clicking a button that says it's a non-commercial email. NOTE: system will bring up a warning that it is admin's responsibility to ensure CASL laws are being followed (of course, it'll always exclude people that specifically unsubscribed).

Bilingual Systems - English & French

Does your Association need a bilingual website and member management system? With the Exware System, your Association website can be fully mirrored with full English and French language capabilities.


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