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Case Study:
Goodguys Rod & Custom Association

Client Location

Northern California, USA


Arts & Entertainment

Client Since

January 2015

Cool Cars, Cool People and Good Times

Founded in 1983, Goodguys is the world's largest hot rodding association with over 70,000 active members worldwide. The car shows they run are legendary, with over 20 each year from coast to coast across the US. Crowds can exceed over 100,000 for some of the big three day extravaganzas.

Managing such huge events and large membership requires a talented team and a good system. Before switching to Exware, Goodguys used a custom-built desktop application so staff could manually process orders and requests that came in by mail and phone. It worked well enough, but it was showing its age, was hard to maintain, and had limited ability to interact with the Goodguys website.

Membership Upgrade

Seeking a better way, Goodguys moved to Exware's Enterprise AMS in 2015. Using the Exware system, the Goodguys customer service team can continue selling new memberships, renewals and member upgrades as they always have. But now, members can also log in to the website and do all that themselves, and more!

My Garage

The Exware system allows Goodguys members to maintain detailed profiles of their prized hot rods, muscle cars, trucks and more, making it easy to register their cars for an event.

The ease of use also applies at the car show itself, as an onsite registration module gives Goodguys staff the ability to sell registrations and memberships directly to attendees. That information gets instantly recorded in the system, helping keep membership records up to date. Prior to Exware, that had all been a laborious manual data entry process after every event.

With all this information at their fingertips, Goodguys can use the system to review year-over-year attendance stats. They can also send promotional emails to members within a specified radius of each event, so that the right information gets in the right people's hands.

Ticket Registration

In 2017, Goodguys switched over their spectator ticket sales and management to the Exware system. This allows them to capture and mine spectator data, which was previously controlled by a third party ticketing vendor. It also means Goodguys collects the ticket processing fees themselves.

Thanks to the Exware Enterprise AMS, Goodguys now has a high-performance web-based member and event management system to match the amazing vehicles at their shows. The cars may be vintage, but the technology running the show sure isn't.

"After many years of operating on a CRM barely running on life support, employing Exware’s unique out-of-the-box packages and custom development, together, we have built a better, more efficient system that not only benefits our company’s efficiency and overall profitability, but, just as importantly, our customer relationships and their experiences."

Andrew Walker
CRM Development / Ticketing Sales & Services Manager
Goodguys Rod & Custom