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Case Study:
Volunteer Ottawa
Volunteer Ottawa

Client Location

Ottawa, Canada


Human Resources and Professional Services

Client Since

March 2016

Volunteer Ottawa Facilitates & Promotes Volunteerism

According to a UN report in 2013, Canada has one of the largest non-profit sectors in the world - contributing 8.1% of GDP. Volunteer Ottawa (VO) is one of the many volunteer centres across Canada involved with facilitating and promoting volunteerism.

In February 2016, Volunteer Ottawa (VO) approached Exware to implement a new AMS (Association Management System), complete with a website redesign and three major components: a volunteer pool database, a volunteer opportunities search tool and a volunteer application system.  This came at a crucial time - ahead of Canada's upcoming 150th birthday.

Having worked with several volunteer centres and many associations in the past, Exware was well positioned to address VO's needs.

Volunteer Ottawa - Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities

In collaboration with VO staff, Exware carefully constructed forms which would be intuitive and easy to use but also be useful in matching volunteers to opportunities.

My Opportunities

Utilizing Exware's job and volunteer management solution as a base, additional tools were added such as a copy tool to allow organizations to quickly re-post opportunities which have gone stale but have been renewed.

Volunteer Ottawa - My Opportunities
Volunteer Ottawa - Search Volunteer Pool
Search Volunteer Pool

The search tool was designed in such a way that users could modify their search parameters 'on the fly' after every search.

In September 2016, Volunteer Ottawa's new system was launched. In the first year, over 2279 different volunteers have submitted 5737 applications to 220 different organizations.

Due to the high amount of volunteers that visit the site daily in search of opportunities, the system was eventually upgraded to Exware's semi-private hosting which provides additional server resources -- increasing site speed and data storage.

As with many non-profits which serve a Canadian audience, the site is fully bilingual in both English and French.

2017 has been an exciting year for Canada in large part thanks to the numerous volunteers that have participated and supported the celebration of Canada's 150th birthday. We look forward to what the future holds!

"Our website looks amazing! What a difference from our past site and SO much easier to manage. I am thrilled that we chose you and Exware to support us in this transition and help manage our online presence!"

Paula Coons
Director of Operations
Volunteer Ottawa