Exware's web solutions are all built on the same system, which means our clients benefit from using proven code and a much broader user base than their website alone enjoys.  This also allows Exware to offer customizable, database-driven, dynamic websites with advanced content management for as little as $6,500.

For that price, you receive:

  • content management system, which allows you to update content, and upload images and documents using only your web browser
  • database-driven website with static and/or dynamic pages
  • unlimited web pages, images, and documents
  • revision management, so you never lose old versions of your pages and can always roll back
  • many modules, including web forms, surveys, event calendars, registration tools, news articles, email blasts, forums, blogs, photo galleries, document shares, members-only, and many, many more...
  • full set-up, including graphic design and importing your existing content
  • training and documentation
  • unlimited technical support and system upgrades
  • hosting, including email, web stats, and traffic reports.

Customization and Add-ons

Your website is fully customizable, although that may incur extra costs.  Here are some of the areas where extra costs are often required:
  • e-commerce
  • online shopping systems and special order fulfillment
  • event management
  • member management with special membership processing requirements
  • multilingual sites
  • questionnaire (advanced, multilingual surveys)
  • integration with third-party and remote databases
  • large data or content import requirements
  • multiple sites/points-of-presence on the web
  • custom modules or components that are unique to your organization
  • internet marketing and search engine optimization services

Exware has built some very large projects on this foundation. If you have a large, custom development project, contact us.  After a brief assessment, we will provide you with an estimate.  If it seems reasonable, we can then develop more detailed specs and a fixed quote.