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Content Management

No modern website should be without a content management system or CMS.  The benefits to you and your organization are many:
  • more efficient to keep your site fresh
  • distributed management prevents the "webmaster bottleneck"
  • give control of different sections to different staff or volunteers
  • allow senior staff to review changes before taking them live
  • no reliance on expensive consultants for simple changes and updates
  • easier to rebrand or update your look
  • recover old versions of pages quickly
  • separation of content and design makes maintenance easier
  • plug-in architecture allows your specialized functions to easily be incorporated

Exware uses the ExsiteWebware CMS, which gives you all of these benefits, plus a rich set of specialized modules for all kinds of special effects and database-driven functions.  For example, all of the following plug-ins are available in Exware's basic package:

  • Event Calendar
  • Online Registration
  • Web Forms
  • Photo Gallery & Albums
  • Slideshows
  • Google Maps
  • Banner Ads
  • Tell A Friend
  • Print-Friendly 
  • Classifieds
  • Email subscribe/sign-up
  • Site Search
  • What's New 
  • Email Broadcast
  • Survey & Polls
  • Forums, Blogs & Discussion Groups
  • Members-only
  • RSS Feeds
  • Document Downloads
  • 'Real-time' Reports

All of these modules can be managed via user-friendly control panels and forms that you access through your browser.  No special software or technical knowledge is required. 

You can learn to use the system in an hour.

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