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Member Management

Member Management

The membership system includes a robust set of tools for managing your association. It automates the process of collecting payments, engaging with your members and ultimately driving the growth of your association. Our platform is directly integrated with your website, on the cloud, so that everything is at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need it.

Member Sign-ups & Renewals

  • new members can sign-up and pay online
  • new members are automatically posted to a 'New Member' listing and/or added to an online Member Directory
  • automated renewal emails make the membership renewal process quick & easy
  • as members apply or renew, an automatic email confirmation is sent
  • expiration of your membership is automatic, based on your organization's renewal schedule

Retain your membership

  • offer early-bird renewal rates
  • implement auto-renewal and/or multi-year memberships
  • view retention rates and personally follow-up with recently lapsed members

Grow your membership

  • easily target and convert non-members that attend your events
  • target and convert millennials
  • offer student or first year membership rates
  • implement mentorship 'matching' program

Member Engagement Tools

Encourage membership participation, self-service and track their involvement and activity.

  • accept content contributions from members, such as: forum postings, events, announcements, photos, and more.
  • members can edit/manage their own profiles, view account statements, print receipts, network with other members
  • members can subscribe to automated email digests that feature recent association news and forum postings that "pull" members back to your site.
  • track event attendance, compare events and popularity, and email members that haven't yet registered
  • create polls, quizzes, or surveys
  • run online member elections

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