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Vancouver Web Developers, Content Management Systems, CMS

The Exware System

Exware uses a modular development methodology designed to reduce costs, increase functionality, and make your website "future-proof" so that you won't have to tear it apart and rebuild it a few years down the road.

Turnkey Website Solutions

Exware offers full-service packages that include everything you need to launch your new site:

  • custom design services
  • content import & set-up
  • unlimited web pages, photos and documents
  • web forms (e.g., contact us, request a quote, etc.)
  • search engine set-up & submission 
  • training and documentation
  • technical support & hosting
  • web statistics
  • email accounts
In addition, you receive all of our standard modules, such as:

  • Event Calendar
  • Online Registration
  • Web Forms
  • Photo Gallery & Albums
  • Slideshows
  • Google Maps
  • Banner Ads
  • Tell A Friend
  • Site Search
  • News Module
  • Email Broadcast
  • Survey & Polling
  • Forums, Blogs & Discussion Groups
  • Members-only
  • RSS Feeds
  • Document Downloads

Websites based on Content Management Framework

All of our websites are based on a proven content management system that allows you to manage your website content and graphics in-house -- without relying on technical experts. It gives non-technical people the ability to easily: add/delete web pages, edit content, upload images and documents, and modify the graphic design from any computer with Internet access.  The system also allows for mult-level access, multiple languages, full version control and archiving capabilities.

Other Benefits of the Exware System

"Real-Time" Reports

Data collected from your website via web forms, online registration, newsletter sign-ups, surveys, etc., can be emailed to any staff member as well as stored in the website database. This allows you to view "real-time" reports and/or export data to Excel at anytime.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Included with all packages is basic SEO set-up to ensure that your key pages are designed to be scanned and properly indexed by web crawlers. Ongoing SEO campaigns can also be implemented. Exware follows ethical SEO principles, ensuring that your content will not be misidentified as spam and blacklisted from the search engines.

Web Standards & Browser Compliance

We build all websites with an eye to accessibility. This ensures that your content can be delivered to the widest range of viewing platforms, including readers for the visually impaired, search engine crawlers, mobiles, and all modern browsers on all operating systems.

Many web technologies hold the promise of delivering an enhanced viewing experience, but can severely impair your web site's accessibility if improperly implemented. Flash is one example; although it provides a rich, multimedia experience, it can cripple your website in terms of searchability or readability for the disabled, if not done with care.  We ensure that your website maintains maximum accessibility while allowing you to make rich use of multimedia and dynamic presentation elements such as Flash, video, Javascript, and AJAX.

Longevity & Portability

Our systems are developed using industry standard web technologies, such as: Perl, MySQL and Linux. This minimizes the risk of our clients being tied to any one vendor. We further protect our clients by giving them an unrestricted license to their web solution so they can further develop and/or modify the source code, with or without Exware.

In short:  no forced upgrades, no vendor lock-in, and no annual licensing fees.  Your website belongs entirely to you and you alone.

Modularity & Extensibility

Exware takes a modular approach to building its websites.  All of our modules are built using a system that allows the modules to talk to each other and integrate easily into a larger framework.  This has many benefits:

  • Many existing modules can easily be added to your site.
  • New modules can be added at later dates, without re-tooling your site.
  • Your customizations can be limited to specific modules, reducing your development costs.
  • It is easy to upgrade a specific module without worrying about how it will impact the rest of your site.
  • As various standard modules are updated and improved, you can easily incorporate those improvements.

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