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Are you on top of your Member Demographics?

posted on Mar 23, 2018

Understanding the make-up of your membership can be an important tool to help with your planning and program development.

Research shows that while most associations are still dominated by members from Generation X or older (born before 1980), the next wave of members, consisting of Millennials and the even younger Generation Z, are coming up fast. Those born from 1980 onward represent over a fifth of a typical association's membership, and studies have show that associations demonstrating membership growth and high renewal rates are usually those that have a higher percentage of Millennials.

Is your membership mostly in the early stages of their careers, middle, or nearing retirement? Knowing this allows you to see what types of programs may be of most interest -- should you be focused on career building and networking events aimed at your younger members or leadership/management oriented programs?

Understanding your member age brackets also allows you to assess if you're attracting and keeping younger members that will continue with your association as older members retire. If you find that you need to attract and retain younger members, consider programs that will attract them -- mentorship programs, networking events, career building courses/events, member-only job boards, etc.

The best way to plan for the future is to know where you stand now.

What's this mean for Exware clients?

Exware now offers a Member Demographics module that shows membership stats by age. Associations can also set-up stats on three additional membership demographic fields. Ask us about it today.

Member Demographics

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Exware Improves Email Deliverability - Free for all Supported Clients

posted on Jan 19, 2018

cpanel_iconsAs part of client support, Exware continually updates modules and servers. One of our most recent updates is adding DKIM support to the Email Distribution module. DKIM improves overall deliverability of emails sent via the Email Distribution module. It reduces the chance of these emails getting blocked, spam-filtered, or tagged as possible fraud by the receiving mail system.

DKIM stands for DomainKeys Identified Mail. It works through a system of cryptographic signatures which verify the authenticity of the emails being sent. The way it works is a bit complicated, but below is a quick rundown.

When DKIM is enabled, each email sent contains a unique encrypted signing block embedded in its mail headers. This digital signature is generated using public key cryptography, which is the same technology that keeps websites secure using SSL. When setting up DKIM for a website, a special Email Distribution DKIM public encryption key is added to the domain’s DNS. Only the Exware mail server has the matching private key, which means only the Exware server can generate the correct cryptographic signature for each email. The receiving mail server can look up the public key in the DNS and use it to verify the validity of the DKIM signature block in the email. That way it knows the received email is legitimate, as its signature matches what’s in the domain’s public DNS records.

Since spammers don’t have access to the server’s private key, and have no ability to mess with another domain’s DNS records, they are unable to generate DKIM-signed email. This is why DKIM-signed email is more likely to get past modern spam-filters.

To have this added to your Exware AMS, please contact us as we must set up the system on our servers and update your DNS records to match.

Another recent email change applies to clients whose email is hosted by Exware using Connex Email Manager. This improves deliverability for addresses that forward to a third-party email account. It’s done using a technology called Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS), which modifies some of the mail headers in a way that make it easier for the third-party system to understand that the email has been forwarded. Without SRS in place, some receiving mail systems might reject the forwarded email as possible spam. This improvement has been added automatically to clients whose email is hosted by Exware.

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Exware to help merge two Associations into one

posted on Aug 8, 2017

In July 2017, The Washington Center for Psychoanalysis (WCP) and Baltimore Washington Center for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis (BWCPP) merged and is now known as Washington Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis (WBCP).

Exware will work with both groups to merge members, data, events, and courses into one system. The former BWCPP has used the Exware AMS Premium Package for just over one year now.

"Exware - Great Support! Still learning!"
Elizabeth Manne
Executive Director, WBCP
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Exware launches integration with MailChimp, Constant Contact and Google Groups

posted on Jun 6, 2017

We are pleased to launch several new modules that integrate with MailChimp, Constant Contact and Google Groups.

These new modules allow you to use these third party tools to seamlessly integrate with your member database.

Use MailChimp or Constant Contact to send out HTML email and newsletters to your membership.

Use Google Groups to create association mailing lists or "list serves".

With integration:

  • your mailing lists will never be out of sync with your centralized database on the Exware AMS system.
  • new members are automatically added to your mailing lists and archived/unsubscribed members are automatically removed.
  • you can also use Exware's Report Builder to create any member/contact list and synchronize it daily with MailChimp, Constant Contact or Google Groups. 
  • everything is automated so you can spend less time updating lists and more time interacting with your members.
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Marketing Engagement - in beta release

posted on Jun 6, 2017

Exware releases a new module to help you understand event popularity, compare event attendance, and market to members that haven't yet registered.

Use this tool to:

- plan new events
- promote events to past registrants who attended similar events
- encourage unregistered members to sign-up

If you are interested in testing out this new module, please let us know.
This module will be ready for general release in June. At that time, all Supported Clients will receive it at no charge!


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