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A New Year -- Time for Associations to Take Stock

posted on Jan 2, 2018

hny2018As we enter into a new year, it's a good time for Associations to do a quick audit of 'what is' and make a plan for 2018. Here are some specific things to review:

1) Go through your website to:

  • double check that all content is still relevant. Make sure links to third party sites and/or documents still work. Use this link checker tool:
  • make sure you can easily find content that the public and your members are trying to find.
  • review your Google Analytics to see what is your most popular content and what was least popular. This can give you ideas on how to changes things on your homepage or the navigation of your site. Hide or delete obsolete content - this can also speed up your site.

2) Review your membership:

  • create a report of recently lapsed members and personally follow-up with them. Try to bring them back onboard or at least understand why they left
  • review your Renewal Reminders to ensure they are up-to date.
  • total up the number of new applications and renewals for the year and see how that compares to prior years - Exware clients can do this by exporting the sales summary in the Membership module.
  • create and email a member satisfaction survey - keep it short and quick for best results.
  • review your accounts receivable to ensure it's up to date -- Exware clients can do this in the Payments module.

3) Review your site security:

  • have you added SSL to your site yet?
    • if your site does have SSL, you can see if its configuration gets a passing grade by going to
    • review your list of admins to ensure it's current. Archive admins no longer with you.
  • make sure you have strong email passwords, particularly for generic account like info@ and hr@. Malicious password-guessing bots work around the clock trying to break into email accounts, so weak passwords will eventually fail.

The final step is to make a Plan for 2018:

  • what are your membership retention goals?
  • what are your membership acquisition goals?
  • what are your membership engagement goals?

What's this mean to Exware clients?

Contact Exware to find out ways that we can you achieve your goals or how to do any of the above items.

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What is your Membership Retention? Five Ideas for How to Improve it.

posted on Nov 21, 2017

Almost all organizations would like to increase their membership, and according to the 2017 Marketing General benchmark report, far more are seeing increases than decreases - 46% compared with 25%. This has been the case for nine consecutive years. Membership retention is an important part of that, with the report showing a median retention rate of 84%. Challenges most frequently cited by organizations trying to retain and grow their membership include insufficient staff, an inadequate member database, difficulty maintaining younger members, and providing sufficient value to members. 

Here are ideas that can improve membership retention by providing greater convenience and value to members:

  1. implement auto-renewal
  2. introduce multi-year renewal plans - 1 year, 2 year and 3 year rates
  3. personally follow-up with recently lapsed members and try to win them back. If you can't, find out why. This is valuable information that can be used to refine your retention and member engagement strategies.
  4. offer members an incentive to renew by a specific date. This can be done by offering an 'early bird' rate or a discount towards a future event or course offering.
  5. offer a discount to archived members to get them back -- CAUTION: you don't want people to "archive" because they know you'll offer an incentive. This may be a good 'one-time' promotion to clean-up your archived member list.

How easy does your association make it for members to stay current?!

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