Social NetworkSearch engines rank websites using many factors, one of which is the number of external third party pages that link to your website (inbound links). Using Social Media can help raise awareness of your website and increase the number of these inbound links. If you link to something interesting or useful on your website using social media tools like Facebook or Twitter, then other people help spread the word by retweeting, liking, relinking, sharing, etc. Every time this happens you get more inbound links, which helps your SEO.

The key to Social Media and Search Engine Optimization is to have quality content that your target market wants to read, share, and/or dialog about. Try to have content that is not just focused on your products & services but is relevant to your industry. For example, include postings and tweets on industry news, events, articles, trends, etc.

The Exware AMS gives associations the ability to incorporate various social media widgets on its websites.

Examples include:

  • Facebook like badges
  • Facebook feeds
  • Twitter Followers & Feeds
  • Social Media logos & links

In addition, What's New and Event postings to your website can be post automatically to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

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